Monday, 11 December 2017

Question About Baptism Of Fire

Can you share how to receive your Baptism of Fire?  How to have a Broken Heart and Contrite Spirit?  How to Have Your Calling and Election and Second Comforter? 

The Baptism of Fire comes as we follow the directions of the Holy Ghost.  As we bring ourselves more and more in alignment with the Saviour.  There is the question though: What is in alignment with the Saviour? 

To keep the commandments as the Saviour kept them.  To walk the path the Saviour walked!  To live as He lived. 

We must change our lives!  We must repent in sackcloth and ashes!  We must have a broken heart, and a contrite spirit.  A broken heart and a contrite spirit is KEY! 

To have a broken heart is to be so distraught for our sins, because of our sins, that we humble ourselves so much until we become contrite!  Contrition means that we are finally ready to do whatever the Lord says to fix these things, internally and externally, to make ourselves right before Him. 

When we have a broken heart, and a contrite spirit, and we proceed to bring ourselves into alignment with the Saviour, doing all things the Holy Ghost tells us to do, then the day will come that we are purged by Fire and by the Holy Ghost. 

As we continue forward we may obtain the Second Comforter, who will continue to teach us.  As we follow His teachings, He will eventually make our Calling and Election sure. 

Saturday, 25 November 2017

It Is Not About You!

It is about Christ, it is about her.  His daughter. 

What vanity, what pride, to think it is about you, or about your worthiness!  How crazy!  How wicked! 

You put your hands upon her head and you say the blessing the Holy Spirit tells you to say.  You do not doubt, because it is not you.  You just watch the Lord Jesus Christ do His Work! 

One day a woman arrived.  She related that she had a dream, in the which she saw a servant put his hands upon her and breathe on her head.  (Previously, she was suffering from a stomach ailment, and needed an operation.) 

When the servant heard the story, the power of the Holy Ghost came upon him and he knew what he needed to do.  There was a fleeting thought like, 'How can I do this, or I hope this works, etc.' 

How wicked!  How selfish!  How vain to think it is about you! 

It is about Christ.  It is about His daughter.  It is not about you. 

The servant put one hand upon her stomach, and the other hand upon her head, and in the name of Jesus Christ announced her healed.  More blessings were given her, and she went on her way. 

It was about 2 weeks later that she returned.  She was completely healed.  The doctors could not find the mass that was in her abdomen. 

Today, this daughter of God enjoys good health!  And an exceptionally strong faith in Christ. 

May the Lord God of Heaven be blessed! 

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Prophets, Prophets, And More Prophets - Redux!

It always amazes me, the "prophets" who use false profiles, and/or send out their minions to gather information.  Then take that information back to their "prophet", who then claim that information for their own.  All in an effort to convince their followers that they have a connection to the Lord. 

The worse part is those people who follow faithfully, thinking all the time they are following the Lord's servant.  They are totally deceived by a very, intensely, eloquent "prophet".  A man of letters, a man of education, a man of books.  A man who is actually leading people down the primrose path to hell, all under the title of the Doctrine of Christ!  (Exactly what the prophecies warn against!)  All the time never teaching the actual doctrine of Christ, instead focusing on the surface ordinances, as if there were actually saving power in the ordinances themselves. 

Notice how he changes scriptures.  Notice how he leaves out parts of passages in his interpretation.  Notice how he leaves out the parts of the Law of God that he himself breaks.  He is an anti-Christ because he teaches against Christ!  He teaches AGAINST the doctrine of Christ, under the name of "The Doctrine of Christ". 

He has done away with the ordinances, not only changed them, but actually done away with them!  Telling his followers that there is no authority to do the ordinances of God!  What an angle!  All ordinances are still necessary.  All ordinances still need to be performed in the correct manner, by the correct priesthood.  Just like Baptism.  There are still legitimate lines of the priesthood that are still functioning. 

Look at his fruits!  See how many people are lowering their morals.  Because he himself breaks the Law, and teaches others so to do!  Those who follow him are not without accountability.  Each person is accountable for their own actions, no matter the deceiver they chose to follow. 

A true servant of God will be hated because he preaches a higher standard of morality, not a lower one!  BEWARE of the man who preaches a lower morality under the guise of the Doctrine of Christ! 

Look to the Lord.  Look to the standards of the Lord.  Christ actually preached very high moral standards.  If you actually want to get to the Lord for real, then actually live the standards of the Lord.  Walk the walk that He walked.  Live the way He lived.  The Lord Yeshua set the standard, He showed us the path.  Follow Him!  He fulfilled the Law, now follow Him, and fulfill the Law yourself! 


Sunday, 5 November 2017

It's Not About You!

There are many servants of God who think they have been chosen because God has been speaking to them, yet truly they have only been called, not yet are they chosen. 

Do not think yourselves better than anyone else just because you have many experiences!  It is incumbent upon those who have been raised, to raise others!  This is the work of the Father in which all servants are to be engaged!   

Many of you, who have had many experiences, have become very popular.  Your stories are told all over the Internet, yet how many people have you presented at the veil? 

Beware of gratifying your own vain ambition!  Beware of bragging!  You are not better than others.  The ancient apostles thought to be better than each other, to jockey for position among themselves.  Some of them were sorely chastened, learning the hard way, that they are not better than others, that God does not love them more than He loves others.  Likewise, God does not love you more or better than others.  You are as one before God! 

Bring your brothers and sisters and present them at the veil, or the Lord will choose other stewards to feed his sheep. 

Saturday, 24 December 2016

A Call To The Servants Of God

The Vision 

On 13 March 2013 @ 1913hrs I found myself wrapped in vision of the Lord. 

There was a city being built, and a huge temple being built in the centre of the city.  It was a huge golden temple, which glittered in the sunlight.  The temple had at least six domed peaks with spires, and one big one in the centre.  The temple was covered in gold, with a great gold throne inside.  It was a throne for the Lord, yet someone else sat upon it.  It was supposed to be a temple of our Lord, with a great city around it.  The city was surrounded by a great green land with low rolling hills, with farms throughout.  It was a very lovely place. 

Red Snake 

There was an army, horsemen from the north with huge missiles on their backs, and as they rode their horses to the edge of the hill the horses jumped into the air.  The missiles ignighted and carried the warriors through the air, toward the city.  Some of the missiles and warriors were stopped by what seemed like a great force field around the city.  Some missiles penetrated through the force field and began to destroy the city.  Some of the missiles struck the wall of the temple, but couldn’t break it.  But eventually the wall weakened and a few of the missiles broke through and went toward the throne, but there was another force field around the throne that they couldn’t penetrate.  The throne shook mightily, but remained standing. 

During the attack the true priests of God, dressed in white robes, were gathered outside the city.  They stood, hundreds of them, perhaps thousands, on the side of the hill and witnessed the destruction. 

Evil reigned after the destruction.  Doctrine changed, but people were still praying and behaving as if what they were doing was good, yet they were following Satan.  They had been taught incorrectly, taught that good was evil and that evil was good.  Some actually believed that they were doing the will of God.  Evil spread throughout the world.  Darkness reigned.  The sky grew dark and the gold on the temple and on the throne no longer glimmered, but looked dark and shadowy.  The old king was gone. 

Black Snake 

In a land southward, many leaders were gathered together to choose a new king, and after much contention they did; a man with dark sunken eyes. 

When the new king was chosen everyone cheered.  Celebrations were held in many countries around the world.  In particular, a green-white-red flag, a blue-white-blue flag,  a red flag with stars.  Great multitudes of people cheered and waved their flags.  The city was rebuilt and the new king gathered huge, enormous armies around him, and they went forth throughout the land causing death and destruction where ever they went.  Great destructions lay everywhere.  Murder and evil reigned.  The new king sat on the throne and taught polluted, adulterated doctrines which spread darkness throughout the kingdom.  They sought the true priests of God and murdered all the true followers of Christ that they could find.   

The priests of God, full of pride, thought they could survive alone, relying upon God to save them, but they would not listen to God.  They were filled with the pride of thinking, that since God talked to them, they were special.  They would not gather together and work together with each other, and so they were overcome by the world.  One by one they fell.  Some were killed, others just fell to the world, becoming evil like the world.  But they all fell because they would not harken to the word of the Lord.  They should have been one as the Lord commanded.  They should have loved one another as He instructed them to.  They should have united together in the service of their Lord, so they would not be overcome by the destructions. 

Offering Tobacco In The Correct Way 

At last, only about 6 or 7 true followers of Christ were left, and they were gathered together in hiding to save their lives.  They knelt in a circle around the altar to pray, and a beam of light shone down from heaven, upon the altar, upon them.  The Lord smiled down upon them because they were united, because they had love one to another, because they no longer loved themselves, they were the epitome of humillity and meekness. 

A great huge beast, with huge wings, a dragon, which looked almost like an enormous bat, stood over the priests of God.  It was black and tried to encircle the priests with it’s great wings.  But the light from heaven shone down on the priests.  They were the last of the true priests of God, and as long as there were true priesthood holders gathered together praying, there would be a place for the Saviour to come.   

The Priests entered into a covenant with God, that they would stand as sentinals, that they would hold a prayer vigil around the altar, never ceasing; the altar grew larger into the form of a bed; and the scripture was said, that the Son of Man hath no where to lay His head; and the Priests of God covenanted that they would hold a vigil, that they would be in constant prayer, so that no evil could penetrate, so that the Lord would be safe while he slept, so that the Lord could have a place to lay His head, so that the Lord could rest! 

The group of priests in white robes were the last of the true followers of Christ.  They were the nucleus of Zion, and they prayed until the Lord came.  The Great Light came down from heaven upon those priests, and dissolved the beast that surrounded them.  The light shone down upon the altar, and burst forth from the altar and spread upon the face of the earth, and shattered and dissolved all darkness and evil.  The evil of the king’s city was vanquished, and in the middle of the evil king’s city the temple and courtyard were also destroyed.  All that was recognizable in the courtyard was the spire coming out of the ground, which slowly sank into the ground. 

As the light burst forth upon the earth, darkness dissipated and the sky became a clear, brilliant blue.  On a green hill far away, a new spire grew out of the ground.  It grew and grew and reached the sky.  Then underneath it grew a huge white temple, but very unlike the old one.  This one spread wide, offering peace and safety to the Lord’s people, and glittered brilliantly in the sunlight as if covered in sequins.  The wings of the temple grew as wide as needed to accommodate all who would come.  The landscape changed and the temple grew upon a huge green hill, surrounded by a countryside of lush rolling hills. 

Within the temple there were at least six circular altars in a semi-circle, and one larger circular altar in the centre.  Above each altar there was a portal in the ceiling through which shone a light from heaven, each light being a different colour of the rainbow.  Within each light, on the altar stood a heavenly being.  Above the centre altar was a larger portal through which shone a most brilliant white light, in which our Saviour, the God of Peace, stood. 

The Call 

The Lord told me to seek out those Priests in White.  And so I have been.  Those Priests in White, who do not want to be destroyed, must humble themselves and gather together and work together, sharing all their various gifts in order to be not overtaken by the world.  If they do not humble themselves and work together under God, they will be overtaken.  This is the warning voice of the Lord! 

The Lord has provided a method which will help those of His servants get into His presence to get their instructions straight from Him.  All those Priests in White, who want to receive further light and knowledge from the Lord Himself are invited to enter into this order to learn the ways of the Lord, that you may speak directly, face to face, with your Saviour. 

See the previous post "When Will Zion Come". 

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Prophets, Prophets, And More Prophets

It always amazes me, the "prophets" who use false profiles, and/or send out their minions to gather information.  Then take that information back to their "prophet", who then claim that information for their own.  All in an effort to convince their followers that they have a connection to the Lord. 


Thursday, 15 September 2016

My Sheep Hear My Voice!

Every once in a while, I get asked a few questions.  Unfortunately, sometimes the questions are from dishonest intent.  But that is nothing out of the ordinary.  There are always people that think they are sneaky, and do their best to be deceptive, thinking of course that they are justified in this thing, even though the scripture expressly warns them against such behaviour.  Nevertheless, there are some questions that I am concerned about.  They are questions that ask things like:  How do I talk to God; do I stand in a certain position?  Do I hold my hands in a certain way?  Do I have to stand on one foot while I pray?  Do I need to pray under a specific sign of the priesthood? 

Let me start by saying, there is no specific way of standing or any other thing you must do to get the Lord to answer your prayers.  Although, if the Lord prompts you to do a certain thing, then do it.  The Lord looks upon the heart.  And He will answer the pure in heart; those who hear Him and follow His commandments!  The Lord loves to answer us.  He answers whether we hear it or not!  It is up to us to learn to hear His voice!  To hear His voice is an invaluable tool!  It cannot be stressed enough! 

John 10:27
My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: 

Mosiah 26:21
And he that will hear my voice shall be my sheep; and him shall ye receive into the church, and him will I also receive. 

Mosiah 26:28
Therefore I say unto you, that he that will not hear my voice, the same shall ye not receive into my church, for him I will not receive at the last day. 

Doctrine and Covenants 45:6
Hearken, O ye people of my church, and ye elders listen together, and hear my voice while it is called today, and harden not your hearts; 

Doctrine and Covenants 84:60
Verily, verily, I say unto you who now hear my words, which are my voice, blessed are ye inasmuch as you receive these things; 

There are so many references, look them up, these are only a few.  Learn to hear the voice of the Lord!  Do whatever it takes; improve yourself, raise your standards, keep importuning the Lord until He blesses you!